Disposable Piping Bags
Disposable Piping Bags


Disposable Piping Bags

User friendly, disposable piping bags eliminate messy clean up, and make them the most
hygienic choice in food preparation.

Our blue piping bags anti slip finish makes them easy to grip and a delight to use.
HACCP approved.


Available in two colours - Blue  and  Clear 


Code                       Size                          Quantity(Bags/roll)

PIPROLL12B           30cm Long / 12"        100

PIPROLL18B           48cm Long / 18"        100

PIPROLL22B           56cm Long / 22"        100

PIPROLL25B           64cm Long / 25"        50 (Please Enquire - Extra large blue hi grip piping bags.)

PIPROLL22C           56cmLong / 22"         100